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We are professional translation company established in 2003. With years of experience in a wide range of languages

Join Us!

Join us as an English teacher here in China, one of the fastest developing countries in world. Here are plenty of cuisines, hospital people, assorted cultural relics and multiple scenic attractions. By teaching here in Chinese schools, many of our clients have found their lives happy and rewarding. We will help you locate the type of schools ideal in your mind and obtain the greatest benefits including free apartment, paid holidays, allowance for travel, etc. We also help you to legalize your stay, going through the registration and visa matters on your behalf. China is now the safest country in the background of pandemic. The control against COVID19 has been successful.


So, don’t hesitate to send us your resume and let’s communicate further! Wisdence, an inclusive company is always on your side when your dreams come true.


Basic requirements are:

1. Native English speaker, bachelor degree or above, good pronunciation.

2. Outgoing, easy-going, kind-hearted and good at dealing with children

3. Experienced and passionate in teaching children, articulate and adept at organizing students and arousing their enthusiasm in studying.

4. With teaching skills and ability to control the class, good at communication with students

5. Candidates with TEFL certificates are preferred.



1. Compile and prepare for teaching contents in time and finish related teaching tasks as required.

2. Collaborate closely with other teachers, promote a pleasant teaching environment and make preparation for related training materials and methods.

3. Pay attention to students and adjust instructional strategies in time if needed

4. Give parents feedback of their children’s performance in school and encourage them to supervise students at home

5. Teaching objects: children aged from 3 to 12


Employment terms are as follows:

Job Title( Expertise field) and Description

English Teacher

Teaching Hours per week

20-30 hours

Office Hours per week

40 hours including teaching hours

Working Days per week

5 days

Students’ Age

3-12 years old

Class Size


Duration of each class

30-50 minutes

Airfare Allowance 

8000 RMB




Insurance pay by school



Over Work Allowance 



12 days per year

Paid Holidays        



Work visa

 *Please note the above information does NOT constitute our commitment or promise to any of our clients. We will enter into a contract after a few discussions where all terms, conditions and liabilities are clearly specified.